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Welcome to the Wellesley College Student Account Center (SAC), where students, parents and other authorized users can now view account statements (EBills), payment plans, and one-time electronic payment options in one centralized location. Parent / Authorized User access instructions are outlined below.

Make a One-Time EBill Payment

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Students, parents, other authorized users, or guests, may make a one-time payment to reduce or satisfy an account balance. If you are a user with a payment plan, please note that one-time payments are made in addition to your plan payments.

Please log into your account and make a payment.

Make a One-Time Payment

One-Time payments are payments not associated with, or applied to, an existing payment plan account.

Wellesley College SAC Access Information

Parent/Authorized User Instructions:

Students must grant access for the SAC to parents and other users. To do so, log in to your SAC and select the 'Manage Account Access' button. Then select the 'Add' button. An email invitation to the SAC will be sent to the parent/authorized user, who completes the registration form included in the email and logs in using the 'Parent & Authorized Users Login' above. Authorized users should contact TMS if they experience login problems.