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ALERT: Students/Authorized Payers

The payment portal you have requested is no longer available. Wellesley College is migrating to a new Student Information System(SIS), Workday, that will be fully integrated with Nelnet Campus Commerce. The new payment portal will be available to Wellesley College students and families on July 8, 2019. You will receive further communication from Wellesley on accessing the new SIS, viewing your student account, initiating payments and enrolling in a payment plan. Thank you for your patience while we implement this change

Make a One-Time EBill Payment

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Students, parents, other authorized users, or guests, may make a one-time payment to reduce or satisfy an account balance. If you are a user with a payment plan, please note that one-time payments are made in addition to your plan payments.

Make a One-Time Payment

One-Time payments are payments not associated with, or applied to, an existing payment plan account.